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Via G. Stephenson, 73 | Milano


15.000 sqm


Alinvest Spa




Arch. Giancarlo Marzorati


Ing. Stefano Rossi


Tekser, Ing. Stefano De Marchi


Egm Srl Arch. Enrico Favero

Arch. Matteo Balzarotti

Ing. Lorenzo Bendoni

Ing. Mattia Evangelisti

The Colour Building is in the northwest area of Milan in the Stephenson zone, which has undergone an intense urban transformation. It is next to Hotel Barcelò Milan; with the hotel, it creates a synergistic relationship in the configuration of space and volume. The buildings overlook a square decorated with a multicolored fountain and a sculpture by the artist Italo Bolano. The square extends to become a covered space that enters the building and becomes a pilotis floor. This creates fluid and permeable spatial continuity. 

The building's name derives from its colorful modular façade, which is at the basis of the project concept.

The leitmotif that guided architect Marzorati focuses on the philosophy of the workplace as a flexible space offering quality and comfort. Work is therefore no longer merely considered a place of production, but also a space for creation, imagination, and learning. This concept led to the choice of color as a generating element in the design of the building and its spaces, because it could create a stimulating work environment and improve people's performance.

The Colour Building has an L-shaped layout and five floors. From a technological perspective, the project made choices aimed at saving energy and ensuring the thermal-acoustic comfort of the indoor spaces. The most important choices include the central cooling and heating system that uses geothermal energy and the primary air distribution system inside the building through so-called "cold and hot beams".

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