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Via G.Gentile 3,7,e 13,

via Sumatra 9

via Stephenson 43 | Milano


27.000 MQ


Alinvest Spa




Arch. Riccardo Torrini




Sacit Srl - Ing. Leobruni


Arch. Riccardo Torrini

In the early 1980s Alinvest bought the entire property of an industrial complex on Via Stephenson that used to be the site of Autobianchi, Magneti Marelli and Teksid Acciai factories. The property became the focus of an urban renewal project carried out in stages, starting with the first section to the west, which was designed and renovated to become the headquarters of Liuni S.p.A. with 2,800 square meters of office space and an 8,700 square meter warehouse. At a later stage, the rest of the property was renovated and transformed into executive offices and warehouses.


To give the building a high profile look, the north facade and the wings east and west of the building were progressively covered with a gold glass curtain wall that immediately stood out as an innovative element within the context and is still unique due to the use of such an unconventional color.

The use of color is actually an Alinvest hallmark in the area and has also been seen in subsequent projects such as Hotel Barcelò and the adjacent Colour Building.


The south facade was aesthetically updated with the application of a glazed porcelain structural curtain wall topped by a striated sheet metal pediment embellished with pyramid-shaped terracotta inserts.

Currently, the building is home to the Liuni headquarters and also houses the offices of several multinational companies as well as a multiplex space with dining areas.

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