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RSA San Luigi Gonzaga

Via Garibaldi 29 | Gorla Minore


10.300 sqm


Alinvest Spa




Arch. Hugo Sillano



Arch. Ernesto Vicardi


Arch. Enrico Favero

The current site of the San Luigi Gonzaga Rest Home in Gorla Minore was built in 1912 as the Gonzaga Boarding School for Girls, run by the sisters of the Presentation of Mary at the Temple congregation.   Over the years, the building was remodeled and modified. Today it is a welcoming place surrounded by a beautiful spacious park.

The original structure with a characteristic open courtyard was composed of three buildings arranged in a C layout, with the taller building at the center. In 1991 Alinvest supervised the remodeling project that modified and transformed the complex into a rest home for the elderly, thus intentionally continuing its social and collective role. 

The project in the 90s reused the entire existing C-shaped building whose wings were raised two floors to reach the same height as the central portion. The building houses guests who are partially self-sufficient as well as those with severe deficits or who are totally dependent on care and assistance. 

A new separate but connected building was constructed for housing people with Alzheimer's disease or other psychiatric disorders. A special garden was created near the new building with special paths and essences specifically chosen and designed for guests with Alzheimer's disease. 


Outdoors, the project redeveloped the park and built a portico that closed the square cloister, creating a covered passageway to give continuity to the entire structure. 

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